OCD? Nah, just a healthy attention to detail.

With most rental properties Hula Maids service, the attention to detail is a part of the game.

This obsession goes beyond the normal rental cleaning service as we take time to organize the utensils, check the washed dishes for waters spots, arrange the coat hangers by color, wrap the cords on hair dryers and re-plug the alarm clocks with correct time reset.

And it doesn’t stop there. You know that ugly seam on the lamp shade. We make sure it is always pointed back. That dresser full of sand?

Ok, so we might be a tad OCD. Not a bad ailment when housekeeping if you ask us.

Aloha Maui, our next available appointment is on Thursday, September 28th at 1PM. To get a quote or to book a cleaning service visit our booking page. Call us at (808) 359-2771