You know what makes a great cleaning service tick? A happy, well paid staff.

Our employees play a crucial role in maintaining our company’s success. They are the face of our company and their hard work, dedication, and professionalism are what sets Hula Maids apart from the competition.



Since the outbreak of COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges we’ve faced is attracting and retaining talented staff. With so many Maui businesses struggling to find competent workers, competition for good employees is fierce, and as such it has become increasingly difficult to hire quality employees.




At Hula Maids, we believe that paying a living wage (our starting wage for new hires is $28/hr.) has several benefits for our employees and for our company as a whole. Firstly, it helps us to attract and retain talented employees who are looking for more than just a job. By providing a wage that allows our staff to meet ends meet, our employees are more likely to feel valued and appreciated, which in turn leads to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates. Great morale, less stress, increased productivity and overall positive work environment are backbone of our Ohana.




So next time, when a group of smiling Hula Maids shows up at your doorstep, know that we have gone above and beyond to keep our staff happy.



Aloha Maui, our next available appointment is on Tuesday, December 5th at 9AM. To get a quote or to book a cleaning service visit our booking page. Call us at (808) 359-2771