Did you know almost 70% of our work are vacation rental properties?

Since our establishment in 2015, we have quickly become the preferred cleaning service provider for luxury rentals, working with prestigious companies such as Brown Development, Private Paradise Villas, Trinity Properties, Sunny Vacation Rentals, and Maui Paradise Properties.

Our unwavering commitment to delivering flawless work has earned us a reputation for 100% uptime and excellence in service. Fast forward to 2023, and we continue to maintain our high standards of service and quality.

While any rental cleaning provider can turn around a two-bedroom condo on a Saturday back to back, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle larger and more complex properties with ease. So taking a back to back booking for your six-bedroom villa with nine beds that sleeps sixteen guests is really a no brainer with us on your side.

We also take pride in our ability to make amazing beds, no matter how complex or intricate the bedding may be. With our attention to detail, you can trust us to put the cleaning for your rental on autopilot and ensure that every guest is welcomed into a pristine and inviting space.

Let us become your go-to provider and experience the difference that comes with working with the best in the industry.

Aloha Maui, our next available appointment is on Thursday, September 28th at 1PM. To get a quote or to book a cleaning service visit our booking page. Call us at (808) 359-2771