Pricing and Plans

Flat Pricing House Cleaning Service.

We offer a simple, flat rate pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, as well as the type of the cleaning service you require.

Choose from a Regular, Deep or Move In/Out Cleaning with further discounts available for periodical service. Additionally, you can choose from our list of a ’la carte cleaning services to suit your individual cleaning needs. Add ceiling fans, baseboards or blinds as you see fit. No surprises, just awesome value.

Regular residential Cleaning Sample Pricing

1 Bed / 1 Bath


2 Bed / 2 Bath


3 Bed / 2 Bath


4 Bed / 3 Bath


5 Bed / 3 Bath


6 Bed / 4 Bath


rental House Cleaning 
Sample Pricing

1 Bed / 1 Bath


2 Bed / 2 Bath


3 Bed / 2 Bath


4 Bed / 3 Bath


5 Bed / 3 Bath


6 Bed / 4 Bath


Instant House Cleaning Quote

Waiting for a house cleaning quote is so yesterday. Use our booking form and skip to Step 3 to get an accurate quote for the cleaning service of your home or rental. Simply choose the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, desired add-ons and cleaning frequency to see your flat fee house cleaning price.

Which house cleaning is right for you?

Please note that that additional charges may occur with heavily soiled (multiple pets, neglect) and larger square footage homes. Due to insurance liability, safety constraints and other considerations we do not offer the following

  • Lifting items weighting over 25 lb (including large furniture)
  • Cleaning of soft window treatments
  • Cleaning of hard deposits (glass or tile) and grout
  • Exterior window cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning (shampooing)
  • Cleaning of pet messes and/or heavily soiled areas
  • Cleaning of mold and/or bio hazardous material
  • Furniture steam cleaning
  • Floor Waxing
  • Extermination


How does Hula Maids flat rate pricing works?

Our flat rate pricing is calculated by a number of bedrooms and bathrooms and our pricing formula also accounts for the size of common areas such as hallways and living rooms. When adding a deep or moveout cleaning, the additional labor cost is added to account for more laborious process.

What if my home is much larger or needs extra work?

We perform an initial walk through before the start of the service and if your home requires additional labor our team leader will discuss the available options with you. Based on your choice, we then either perform the “best we can do in the time purchased cleaning” or if time allows we add extra labor (and cost) to cover the more laborious tasks. 

How safe is my credit card information?

Our site uses the same encryption and secure protocols as most e-commerce website that you use daily. As such, your credit card information is completely secured and absolutely never shared with any third party. 

When will my credit card be charged.

We put a hold on your card for the relevant amount at the evening before service. This hold is not a charge. Your card will only be charged only after the cleaning service is complete.  

Can I pay by check?

At the moment we do not accept the checks or cash as a form of payment for our house cleaning service. 

Do I need to tip the cleaners?

We are very proud of the fact that we compensate our cleaning staff with a living wage adequate to account for the high cost of living in Hawaii (starting wage for new hires is $27/hr.) With that said, our staff goes above and beyond during every service and as such if you are inclined to reward them for their extra effort, who we are to argue. 😁

Aloha Maui, our next available appointment is on Monday, June 5th at 11AM. Looking for a quote? Skip to step 3 on our booking page.
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