House Cleaning and Maid Services 

Beside our Regular and Deep Cleaning Service, we also offer end/beginning of tenancy (move-out) and real estate showing cleanings. We are also short term rental properties specialists, with hundreds of cleanings done yearly, ranging from condos to luxury villas. 

Which house cleaning service is right for you?

Our Regular Cleaning Service is most suitable for lightly soiled, well maintained homes or rental properties that are cleaned periodically. We recommend Deep Cleaning Service for any home that has not been cleaned for more than three months, homes located in dusty regions of the island, or the ones occupied by large families or with multiple pets. Our Move Out Cleaning Service is a complete, top to bottom cleaning detail designed to prepare home for the new tenant or buyer, or to simply help renters to recover their security deposit. This service is also recommended for heavily neglected properties and homes unoccupied for extended periods of time. 

Regular Cleaning Service

Our base, yet comprehensive offering focusing on critical areas such as bathroom surfaces, exterior of kitchen appliances, counter tops, cabinet exterior, dust mitigation and floor care.

Deep Cleaning Service

Our Deep Cleaning includes everything offered under regular service, with an additional time spent on most cleaning tasks, as well as the cleaning of fans, walls, fixtures, baseboards, closets, doors/frames and windows (sills, frames, tracks).

Move-Out Cleaning Service

Our Move Out Cleaning includes everything offered under deep cleaning service with an additional time spent on most cleaning tasks, as well as the cleaning of inside all cabinets, interior cleaning of refrigerator and oven, cleaning behind appliances, lights and fixtures.

Hula Maids Cleaning Services Comparison Chart

Move in/
Move out
CLEANING CHECK LIST  Most Popular  Best Value
Dust all flat surfaces    
Empty trash/change liners  
Vacuum carpets, vacuum & mop hardwood floors    
Vacuum area rugs  
Vacuum upholstered furniture  
Vacuum closet spaces    
Clean mirrors
Interior window glass cleaning (per room)  $30/ea. $30/ea. $30/ea.
Detail window sills, frames & tracks  
Detail sliding doors frames & tracks  
Cobweb removal & wall vacuuming, Magic Eraser treatment  
Baseboard vacuum and wipe  
Doors & door frames cleaning  
Cabinets cleaning – exterior
Cabinet detail – interior (empty only)  $60 -$100  
Counter-tops cleaning      
Stove top and overhead exhaust/fan cleaning
Counter-top appliances cleaning      –
Closets vacuumed and shelves dusted (empty only)
Fill and run dishwasher
Laundry wash & fold $10/ea. $10/ea.
Washer & Dryer exterior cleaning
Toilet interior and exterior cleaning Light Deep
Scrub, clean & sanitize shower/tub Light Deep
Scrub and clean sink and faucets Light Deep
Sanitize light switches, door handles & remote controls
Wash bathroom floors
Detail hard window blinds 12/ea. 12/ea. 12/ea.
Dust furniture and decorative items    
Make up beds 10/ea.  
Dust and wipe ceiling fans 10/ea.    
Dust and wipe air conditioning vents  
Interior lighting detail $30 $30  
Refrigerator detail – interior/exterior $30/$50XL $30/$50XL  
Oven cleaning – interior/exterior $50 $50  
Please note that that additional charges may occur with heavily soiled (multiple pets, neglect) and larger square footage homes. Due to insurance liability, safety constraints and other considerations we do not offer the following:
– Lifting items weighting over 25 lb (including large furniture)
– Cleaning of soft window treatments
– Cleaning of hard deposits (glass or tile) and grout
– Exterior window cleaning
– Carpet Cleaning (shampooing)
– Cleaning of pet messes and/or heavily soiled areas
– Cleaning of mold and/or bio hazardous material
– Furniture steam cleaning
– Floor Waxing
– Extermination