The truth about Eco-friendly, organic cleaning products.

Eco-friendly organic bio-degradable cleaning products

OK, we are not gonna lie. We really, really like this stuff. It is hands down one of the nicest lines of organic cleaning products out there, a pleasure to work with, it smells lovely and it is awesome for the environment.  So, what’s the catch you ask?

No enough cleaning powaaah!

Seriously, we have yet to find an organic cleaning agent that doesn’t come short when dealing with heavy grime. If your house is spic & span and cleaned periodically, this, and many other products like it will work beautifully. But when facing heavy dirt, grime and neglect, you will likely come up short.

So while we highly recommend Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning agents to all of our customers that are on our subscription plan, when we do end of tenancy and post construction cleanings, we typically have to bring out the big guns. And some heavy duty Hula Maids elbow grease 😉

Mahalo for reading.

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