Rental House Cleaning

Vacation Rental House Cleaning service

We are high-end vacation rental cleaning specialists and our flawless work, reliability and attention to detail has earned us ongoing engagements with top luxury rental management firms such as Exclusive Villas Retreats, Private Paradise Villas, Makena Golf & Beach Club, Maui Paradise Properties, Whalers Realty, Trinity Properties, Hawaii Life and others. 

Whether your rental property is a two bedroom condo listed on airbnb or vrbo, or an eight bedroom villa with its own website, we are the best choice for seamless, reliable and always on cleaning service. 

  • Our 7th year in business. 6000+ cleanings and over
    1200 of happy customers.
  • Easy booking and scheduling by phone or online.
  • Flat or hourly pricing available.
  • Convenient payment by credit card.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Helpful customer service five days a week.

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  • 100% uptime everytime. We show up when we say we will
  • Fast and reliable onboarding process
  • Linen and laundry inclusive service 
  • Property walkthrough with photo documentation upon entry
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Helpful customer service seven days a week.

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Do you have a rental villa, house or condo in a need of reliable, top-notch service? Tell us more about your property for an accurate and timely quote and phone consultation.

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    Could you describe your cleaning process for rentals?

    The base of our rental cleaning service offering is our trademark, high quality cleaning service that ensures a flawless outcome every time.
    On top of our flawless cleaning, we are known to pay extra attention to kitchen appliances, dishes and kitchenware, inside all cabinets, bedding, linen, lanais, grills and outdoor areas. We are expert bed makers, and our attention to detail is unparalleled. 

    Do you offer laundry services?

    We do. However, as we work in large teams, we often finish the cleaning way before the washer and dryer in the unit is able to finish the laundry. As such we ask for double of linen and towels, ideally located in a lockable closet. This way, we show up with already laundered linen and towels, make the beds and stage the towels, while removing the dirty and doing laundry off site. 

    How do you bill for your services?

    All billing for our cleaning services is done through our secure website via credit card payments. We place an authorization on your card day prior to service and only charge your card upon completion of the service. We do offer Net 14 billing for larger accounts with multiple units. 

    Do you charge extra for laundry and bed turndowns?

    Our pricing is inclusive of all the linen, laundry services, bed making and toiletries provided for units. 

    How do you manage ongoing bookings?

    We ask that you email us your schedule with all your upcoming bookings. The preferred format will be provided during initial onboarding. Once your bookings are entered into our system, you will be able to login and monitor your bookings, add notes and requests. 

    Do you offer discounts for multiple units or ongoing engagements?

    Yes, we do take multiple monthly engagements into consideration when providing an initial quote. 

    Will you let me know if the unit is ship shape?

    Absolutely. We perform a thorough walkthrough upon entry with photo documentation when necessary. 

    Do you provide Property Management or Handyman Services?

    While we are happy to change an occasional light bulb or remote control batteries at your rental property, we do not offer handyman or property management service. 

    What about last minute bookings and back to backs?

    While not always possible, we try to accommodate last minute and back to back bookings the best we can. Is some circumstances, additional charges for back to back cleaning engagements may apply. 

    Should my rental unit require extensive reconditioning, how is that handled?

    Your short term rental property cleaning price is based on the amount of hourly labor previously established. Should your guests leave refuse, sand, heavily soiled linen or laundry or othewise be inconsiderate, additonal hourly labor charges will occur. This is best communicated in your rental agreement and witheld from the security deposit as needed. 

    Aloha Maui, our next available appointment is on Monday, June 5th at 11AM. Looking for a quote? Skip to step 3 on our booking page.
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